Rink Project

Hawk Tail Community Takes Flight partners with local students to revitalize rink 

We are pleased to announce we were able to raise and donate $4,218.59 to the Rimbey Elementary School's outdoor rink project.

A HUGE thank you to those who come out and supported these awesome kids!! 


Hawk Tail Brewery was thrilled to have partnered with three Rimbey Junior Senior High School students in efforts to revitalize the Rimbey Elementary School’s outdoor rink through its Community Takes Flight initiative. 

For every flight board sold, one dollar will be donated towards the rink project until it is completed, says Allison Goodwin, of Hawk Tail Brewery.  

Goodwin was inspired to assist the efforts of Grade 8 students Reed Toussaint, Tavish Beagle and Dutch Felt, after hearing they had raised $25,000 to renovate the elementary school’s rink when they were only in Grade 6. 

The idea of the project started when the boys saw a need and began fundraising for its improvements through a school leadership program. 

“I am a huge fan of hockey and outdoor rinks,” Reed Toussaint explains. “The [Rimbey Elementary] School used to have a rink and my Dad helped build it a few winters but it was deemed too old and unsafe to use.

“I just really thought that every kid should be able to skate or learn to skate,” Toussaint says.

Some of the cosmetic work was slated to begin last spring but was delayed due to COVID-19 and the project has since sat idle. More funds are also needed to create a cement pad that can function to hold a level ice surface. 

Goodwin says now more than ever an outdoor space is needed for kids to play and be involved in sports. 

“I didn’t realize it at the time but sport was a very positive place for me as a kid,” she said.

“And when I heard about this project, and what these boys were doing, I wanted to help guide them and help breathe life into this project again.” 

“I really want to get it built,” Toussaint adds. “I’m proud of being able to raise as much money as we did and now I feel bad that I moved on to high school and it’s not built yet.

“Especially now with COVID, and people not having a place to go, it could really help people get outside and be happy.” 

The completed rink will create an outdoor space for the community to utilize year-round, says Rimbey Junior Senior High School Teacher Robyn MacEachern, who helped oversee Toussaint, Beagle and Felt’s initiative. 

She says that Hawk Tail has “tapped into resources” that they were unaware of. 

“Hawk Tail has been so supportive of the community and in this particular project,” MacEachern said. “They are a great example of a community business supporting community projects.”

Hawk Tail welcomed involvement, collaboration, or resources from others in the community who assisted with the rink project. 

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