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Raspberry Copper Lager
Raspberry Copper Lager
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Raspberry Copper Lager

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Introducing a small batch series: Raspberry Copper Lager. As one of our 8 core beers, this unique brew stands out for its exceptional flavour profile and craftsmanship.

Our Raspberry Copper Lager boasts a 50% wheat profile, lending it a distinct bready flavour reminiscent of pie crust. We've carefully balanced this with the tart sweetness of raspberries, creating a harmonious blend.

Despite its fruity infusion, this is still a lager at heart, offering a smooth drinking experience with a delightful raspberry forefront followed by a comforting malt finish.

With its captivating foam lacing and unforgettable flavour combination, our Raspberry Copper Lager is a must-try for beer enthusiasts seeking something truly unique.

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Raspberry Copper Lager Specifications

  • Fruity, Multi Complex
  • 5.5% alc/vol
  • 16 IBU
  • Available in a 4 pack

*Must be 18+ to order craft beer.
Delivery is only available to Alberta Residences at this time.

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